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Mount cutting (also referred to as sculptured mounting) is our specialty at Harmony's and we incorporate it into many of our other services. Mounting cutting is an intricate and highly delicate technique. Individual mounts are cut and carved, then layered to create a 3-dimensional effect. We can create beautiful custom pieces for you using this technique.

What we need from you:

See what the world sees.

  • Do you have a copy of any artwork to be incorporated?

  • What colours are to be used?

  • What overall size?

  • Do you know how many items you'll require?

  • Over what time scale are the items required?

  • Do you have a cost-point?

  • Does the cost-point include framing?

Over the years we have become internationally recognized as one of the world's leading specialist mount/mat cutters.   We are proud to have loyal customers for this service in over 28 countries around the globe.


Are you looking for custom mount cutting to commemorate a special event or occasion? Take a look at our Wedding or Awards services to see exactly how we can serve you, or call us today for more information.

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